CITY #3721
2011 • post production
Cities from all over the world are becoming visually similar, homogenized with similar building styles and highway systems. The commonality is development without creative thinking, and a universal goal of low costs and high profits. This kind of development increases the distance and disconnect between people. People move faster and faster as development grows faster and faster. Eventually, the question raised is whether development provides a better life for citizens, or if it only makes a country’s GDP look better.
Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2011 2011 • USA
— Winner (Live Action Category)
The 9th Sedicicorto International Film Festival 2012 • Italy
— Best Experimental Film
The 1st International Motion Festival, Cyprus 2013 • Cyprus
— Official Selection (Experimental / Video Art Category)
The 2011 Princeton Student Film & Video Festival 2011 • USA
— Official Selection
shnit International Short Film Festival 2011 2011 • Switzerland
— Official Selection (shnit documents)
produced by
Lam Ho Tak
music by
Codes in the Clouds
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