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Made in Hong Kong • Est 2013
who we are?
Paperbox Creations is an animation studio based in Hong Kong, founded by a group of creators who have great passion in creating animation, motion graphic, CG production, etc.
Paperbox Creations 創立於 2013 年,由一班喜愛動畫及影像製作的年輕人所創立,是一間紮根於香港的多元化影像製作公司。
what we do
We aim to provide full production services of 3D animation, 2D animation, advertising, motion graphic, graphic design, pre-production, post-production, etc.
無論是 3D 或 2D 動畫、動態影像、後期視覺特效、圖像設計等等,我們都會盡力做!
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we also do
Online Marketing • SEO • SEM • Q&A • CRM • HRM......
We also offer our clients an effective marketing plan in all aspects externally and internally.​​​​​​​
•     Online Marketing Services
       — Web portal implementation and domain registration
       — Mobile app development
       — Other online channels
•     SEO & SEM Services
•     Facebook/Instagram Management and Advertising Services
•     Google Advertising Services
•     Q&A Autoreply System Development
•     CRM System Development
•     HRM System Development
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