— Dream City
2013 • cg • post production
CG scenes and post production, scenery shots and time-lapse production for the micro film – Dream City, presented by Chivas18 and directed by a young and talented local director – Heiward Mak 麥曦茵.
sneak peek
cg post production screenshots
scenery shots screenshots
Chivas 18 – The Scene present
a DUMB Youth productions
Geometry Global Company Limited & Redworks Hong Kong Limited
a Heiward Mak film
“Dream City”
Venus Wong &
Wallis Cho &
Yatho Wong &
Sing Lam
@DUMB Youth
special appearance
Isabel Chan
Judy Mok
Chan Kin Long
Kaman Kong
production designer
Ahong Cheung
associate producer
Leung Wai-on
directors of photography
Lau Ho-ming
Lau Tse-kin
digital intermediate
Wong Fei-peng
still photographer
Arok Lam
digital visual effects
Ng Kai-chung Tommy @ Paperbox Creations
special shooting unit
Kwok Man-ho & Lam Ho-tak @ Paperbox Creations
edited by
Meiward Mak
Man Pui-ki
orginal music by
Wallis Cho
story by and written by
Heiward Mak
script assistant
Judy Mok
produced by DUMB Productions
hong kong crew
Jeff Yu
Brian Fu
Tim Poon
Terence Chan
Kevin On
special thanks
A Star World
Mak Ying-nam & Grace Ho
@ Amazing Grace
The One
Dust Studio
Wong Luk-ho
Chan Wai-ming
Anjo Leung
Michelle Ip
Olivia Paul
Richard Sorensen
Stuart Howe
Fay Kwong
Keely Kuk
Kennuy Blumenschein
Harry Bailey
Vanliza Cheng
James Beeton
Emily Wong
Ricky Cheung
Francis Li
Simon Rayton
Ben Yim
Vincent Tsang
Christabelle Chan
creative director
Paul Ho
senior art director
Ricky Cheng
digital art director
Sean Chen
Francis Li
senior account manager
Vanliza Cheng
account executive
Chris Teung
group account director
Harshad Sreedharan
© 2013 Dumb Youth Production & Pernod Ricard Hong Kong All Rights Reserved.
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